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3 Meet Larry

Larry Swing graduated from the university with a B.A. in Computer

Science, specializing in artificial intelligence. He started his career

as an Information Technology Researcher in the field of robotics

and expert systems. He later changed direction somewhat, moving

into the field of computer-driven multimedia. This background

formed a foundation from which he developed his ‘no non sense’

approach to swing trading.

MrSwing runs a free educational website – www.mrswing.com – where he provides

specific instructions on how to swing trade. He provides a free newsletter –

MrSwing Lite – that identifies many swing trading opportunities each week. Larry

has developed charting software – SwingTracker – that comes with a real-time

data feed to assist investors that need an inexpensive method to identify swing

trading opportunities and monitor their progress.

www.mrswing.com also has a free SwingLab that lists the criteria he personally

uses to identify stocks that are good swing trading candidates.

MrSwing provides the investment community with a wonderful educational resource.

One can learn about the essentials of technical analysis, with instructions on how to

apply these principles to swing trading. Over the years, Larry has developed a

fairly large library of books that discuss the principles behind swing trading

specifically, and making money in the stock market in general. These personally

recommended books can be purchased at www.mrswing.com.

Hundreds of thousands of investors visit www.mrswing.com each year. Here is what

they have to say about the web site, the educational material and his Master Plan.

Since I found your web site and started trading using your guide lines, I

am up over $5000 in one month. That is a big change from what I usually

make. John F. Famularo, USA

Your selections look every bit as good if not better than subscriptions sites

that charge up to $100/month. Paul Bondy, USA

I really like your website. Thanks for all the information you provide.

Dallas Davison, US

Thanks for your terrific site and great plan! Thanks again and happy

(swing) trading! Richard Gorsline, USA

Nice to see you offer this service. I think your style is one of the safest

ways to make money. David DeFina, USA

Love the SwingTracker program and software for daily real time market

data. Larry Skrine, USA

I am impressed with your site and your subject matter. I have been

taking recommendations from your swing lists, following your Master Plan

and doing pretty well. Stephanie Kemper, USA

Your Newsletter is great. I thank you for your wonderful work, and wish

you all the best in the future. God bless you. Gnanam Nesan

I love SwingTracker ... nice program ... Bob Russel, USA

Some of the SwingLab scans (e.g., candles) are excellent, as are many of

the analysis features. All things considered, I think SwingTracker is a

great tool which I would not want to be without. Jim Spears, USA

I'd like to thank you for putting such a great site on the web. I have

learned more about short term trading from your site than from all the

other sites put together! Plus SwingTracker is a great trading tool.

Roger Uglow, UK

I have loved going over your list for the last two weeks. I'm a new

subscriber and your picks are saving me a ton of time (something I don't

have much of). Thanks a million. Scott Smith, USA

Nice to see you offer this service, I think your style is one of the safest

ways to make money. David DeFina, USA

...wouldbe, couldbe and wannabe a successful swing trader ... thanks for

the site !!!! Andrew McCain, Australia

This site offers traders the ability to discipline themselves and the

resources they need to succeed in the art of swingtrading! Highly

Recommended! We endorse MrSwing.

...there's something I'll always be grateful to you about: this month I

realized I stopped trading on emotional impulses! I always knew emotion

was THE enemy but I never could come up with a systematic and

meaningful swing entry and exit strategy. Even though I could detect the

moves, I was getting out with a bad timing by not defining risk in a proper

manner. Anyway, thanks MrSwing, you're the master!!

Arie Bensimon, Israel

Thanks for your help, four years of research and 500 web sites later, this

is one of the most useful! Jon Sproule, Canada

Well, you sure know how to cut the greed, I almost heard "grab another

fifty as fast as you can!" Vive le Master plan, I'll stick to it this week with

more affordable stocks though! But hey, The Plan is a major "How to".

When you're through with MA's and Fibonacci toolbox, you got a good feel

of the music, but still not dancing. I'm a novice so your money

management principles are crucial. Everywhere you read "be careful not

to be greedy but don't fear, protect your principal" … but HOW? It's like

this doctor that always prompted his patient to get better and never told

him how. Guess where the patient is now! Although the plan is rather

"mishna" style, I would have handled prior trades more successfully with

it. Arie Bensimon, Israel

I really do appreciate your web site. I have gone to many others for

advise/information and always felt that the message given was lacking.

After examining your system, your information on how to Swing Trade

offers a solid but flexible alternative to Swing Trading that I have studied

in the past. Ross McKnight, USA

I should be paying you! Paul J. Krupin, USA

Larry is and has been involved in the development of many interesting IT tools used

by thousands of traders world wide. Check out www.mrswing.com or

www.swingtracker.com or www.releaz.com or www.stockchartz.com or

www.eboox.net for more information.